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The T-Node System is designed by Jean-Francois Tétrault, the President of Espace 3D Inc., with his father Jacques, an accomplished mechanical and electrical designer. The system is a complete mechanical solution for realizing an array of physical installations using modular and compatible parts. 


This exceptional product is an award-winning solution designed for creative industry professionals. Scenic designers, visual artists, directors, and other creators will benefit from the versatility provided by the T-Node System. Using the T-Node System's catalog of standardized parts and accessories, the user can easily create a custom structure or installation.


The T-Node System is designed and manufactured in Quebec, Canada.

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A  complete  lighting  solution,  T-Node LED  is  engineered  to  integrate  seamlessly  with the T-Node System. With a sleek physical design and limitless colour combinations, designers can create dynamic and visually striking creations.



T-Node LED is made up of RGBW LED Bars which allow the user to vary between millions of colour options or Pixel Bars which have the added ability to display dynamic video content. The system also provides custom dimmers and pixel controllers designed to integrate with any industry-standard control system.

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Using a wide array of stretched fabrics and materials, T-Node Stretch adds cladding, surface, and volume to the T-Node System. This versatile system uses different types and textures of fabrics, such as nylon, tulle, projection screens, or custom printed material.


The pieces are standardized so on-site sewing or treatment is not needed. They can also be pre-treated to the exact fire code requirements of the jurisdiction where the installations will be made for additional efficiency. T-Node Stretch reduces material waste making it the environmentally conscious choice.


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By adding motors, servos, encoders, and drivers, T-Node Motion adds automation to the T-Node System. The T-Node Motion motor units can be installed in various directions and configurations depending on the requirements of the designer and the specifications of the project.


Using ultra-precise encoders and electronics, movement can be choreographed and repeated with pin-point accuracy.




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